About Our Fresh Christmas Garland

Whether you're putting it over your front door, laying it across your mantelpiece, draping it along your fence or intertwining it with your staircase banister, what else besides fresh Christmas garland adds such a festive feel to the holidays? If you decorate with live holiday garland you'll bring the fragrant smell and beauty of fresh evergreens to any home or office.

In recent years we've added Douglas fir garland to the mix. Douglas fir offers a bushy look when compared to the more traditional flat look of the cedar garland. Either option is a good one because we always strive to craft the thickest, freshest, most lush Christmas garland on the market.



We've added Douglas Fir Garland to our existing line of Western Red Cedar Garland. Using garland to decorate is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home during the holiday season but apparently it's also a way to break the bank! We've shopped around and are confident that our holiday garland brings the biggest bang for the buck!