Are Fresh Christmas Wreaths for You?

Potential customers who have never actually seen one of our fresh holiday wreaths might find it helpful to know that the entire process of creating, decorating and shipping each fresh Christmas wreath is performed on our farm, thus enabling us to perform quality inspections from start to finish. We also handcraft cedar garland, holiday centerpieces, Christmas door swags and other decorative fresh evergreens. We do our best to take product pictures that help exemplify the quality of our beautiful live Christmas wreaths, but when it comes down to it you're going to have to buy one of our live wreaths to get a full understanding of how impressive our live Christmas wreaths really are!

Christmas Garland Holiday Decorations

Why decorate with holiday garland? Using fresh Christmas garland for your holiday decorations should increase holiday spirit by adding natural beauty and fragrance to any home or office decor. We currently offer three types of fresh holiday garland: Cedar Garland, Douglas Fir Garland and Mixed Garland. When you buy Lynch Creek Farm garland you'll be buying some of the freshest most lush garland on the market for a price that's tough to beat.

Christmas Centerpieces as Gifts

The older one gets, the harder it seems to figure out what to get them for Christmas. Here's a unique Christmas gift idea for you... Try giving one of our fresh Christmas centerpieces. Our live centerpieces last the entire holiday season, smell amazing and look absolutely gorgeous. We've been adding to our centerpiece line for years so take a moment to view our handcrafted evergreen centerpieces if you are in need of a Christmas gift.

Corporate Holiday Christmas Gifts

Want to be a little different? Consider sending a fresh Christmas wreath as your corporate Christmas gift this year. Instead of giving the standard gift basket, mix it up a bit and send one of our decorated live Christmas wreaths. Combine the scent of real evergreens, an elegantly decorated wreath, and the fact the wreath will last the entire holiday season and what do you get... An amazing Christmas gift that will ingrain itself in the mind of your client for a long time. Centerpieces also make for a festive gift and go well in an office setting.


These Wreaths are the most beautiful wreaths I've seen.

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