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About About Us

About Us

Lynch Creek Farm Family Business

About Us

Our family-owned business was established in 1980. We have transformed from selling a few flowers and vegetables at the local farmers' market on the weekends, to a full blown year-round business that ships throughout the United States. Learn more about us below:

Our Story

In the beginning, the farm was a hobby with the purpose to keep our three kids out of trouble and give them a job while attending school.

We started with an organic vegetable farm and sold our produce at the Shelton Farmers' Market. In 1984 we started selling our goods at the Olympia Farmers' Market, the 2nd largest farmers' market in Washington State, where we continue to sell our products today.

Our youngest son, Andrew Hunter, has stayed with the tradition of the family farmer and loves every minute of it. He sells our dahlia flowers in the spring and summer months and produces florist quality Evergreen Christmas wreaths during the holiday season. He has expanded both areas of our business and now sells dahlia tubers and fresh Christmas wreaths on the Internet as well as at the farmer's market. We also have a retail florist shop in downtown Shelton that provides our community with colorful flowers and gifts.

We have enjoyed making a living from growing and hand harvesting the fruits of our labor over the years. As Andy once said, "Well, in simple terms I really love what I do and am happy in the fields cutting flowers and picking squash at 6 a.m. before market opens each day. It's a career that I would not change for anything."

Environmentally Conscious

We do not cut down trees!

Most of the boughs cut for our Christmas wreaths come from the Cascade Mountains, near Mount St. Helens. Noble fir trees are never cut down when harvesting but trimmed on the lower branches to ensure a lifetime of bough production. This practice of trimming the lower branches helps to ensure a healthy tree in the future while maintaining a natural and beautiful forest.

We use local tree farmers!

Local tree farmers in the area are also a great source of boughs for our Christmas wreaths. We have a great friend who manages his own tree farm locally; we purchase boughs from him every year.

We preserve the forests of the Pacific Northwest!

Within the forests of the Pacific Northwest the noble fir tree is important to preserve because it provides habitat for numerous birds, bees, insects, and larger animals like the black-tailed deer, coyotes and bears along with many other animals. Supporting environmentally conscious local farmers and maintaining our private forests help protect our fragile ecosystem now and in the future.

Our Other Family Business

After the holiday season is over one might assume we go on a very long vacation to help us recover from the chaotic wreath season. The one assuming would be wrong. Instead, we begin preparing our fields for the upcoming dahlia tuber season. Visit to learn more about our dahlia tubers