Care - 

  • Immediately remove bouquets from packaging
  • Trim the stems and place in vases or buckets of water
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Bouquets will last 2-3 weeks with proper care


Care - 

  • Immediately remove wreath from packaging and spritz the back with water

  • Store wreath in the box and bag in a cool dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight until use

  • Continue to spritz the back of the wreath with water every 2 days to ensure freshness

  • The Northwest Salal and Bear Grass Wreath and the Northwest Salal Wreath will last approximately two weeks with proper care. The Northwest Mixed Wreath will last approximately 5 days with proper care. Please note that the longevity of a wreath will vary by climate, storage conditions, and other factors. These time frames are provided as general guidelines for the minimum length of time a wreath should last. Our wreaths often last much longer in cooler climates and when placed away from sunlight and heat.


Our garland is easy to use and arrives ready to be displayed. Simply drape it across a table or buffet, or hang it from an archway, trellis, banister, or the back of chairs. If hanging, attach it with ribbon, garland-ties, or zip-ties. It can be used alone to showcase it’s simple, natural beauty, or you can add flowers to express your personal style. Your own flowers can be easily added by inserting cut stems into the garland.

Unlike other garlands on the market, ours measures a full 8”-10” across, making it uniquely lavish and full. We ship a gorgeous, deluxe product that arrives fresh for your special day.

The candles, roses and baby’s breath flowers shown in our photos are not included. They were added to show how easy it is to start with our beautiful garland and personalize it to your style.

Care -

  • Our garland is perishable and should be inspected upon arrival. Gently remove garland from the box and bag. Mist the garland with water to maintain freshness.

  • Store garland in the box and bag in a cool dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight until use

  • Since this is a natural product, some greens may loosen and shed in transit

  • Avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat

  • Please be sure to protect the surface your greenery rests on from moisture damage and scratches

  • We recommend the garland be used within 2-3 days

Shorten your garland -

Our garland is easy to shorten to your desired length. After selecting where you’d like to cut the garland, gently pull back the leaves. Using a pair of garden clippers, carefully cut through the garland stems and the wire wrapped around the greens. If you don’t plan to move the garland, it is ready to use. If you need to hang or move the garland after it’s been shortened, we provide 8" zip-ties to close-off the cut ends to prevent the garland from coming apart. Simply secure one zip-tie around the cut end of the garland, wrapping it around the garland’s base. Your garland can now be safety hung or moved.

Connect sections of garland -

Two sections of garland can easily be connected to create a longer piece. Bring together the two ends of garland you will be connecting. Overlap the ends about 4 inches. Using an 8” zip-tie included in the garland box, secure the overlapping sections together. Trim the zip-tie end if desired. Your garland is now ready to use.