Lynch Creek Farm used organic evergreens grown on our farm before the term “organic” even entered the public consciousness. Over the years, as the demand for our fresh evergreen products increased, we’ve turned to the pristine, natural conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest for the boughs of Noble Fir and Incense Cedar needed to craft our natural evergreen products.

As we become a culture that cares more and more about our impact on the environment, Lynch Creek Farm has done so from the very beginning. We’ve always utilized environmentally responsible practices to ensure our beautiful, lush evergreen products are produced in the most organic, sustainable way possible.


Lynch Creek Farm is a small, family-owned company that is fully dedicated to producing sustainable evergreen products that do absolutely no damage to our environment. We made an ethical decision to never cut down a single tree in our quest to provide the country with beautifully fresh and elegant evergreens.

We cultivate evergreen boughs by trimming the lower branches of younger coniferous trees in healthy and robustly forested areas, along the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. As the tree grows, the boughs become larger, hence, harder to work with. Once a tree reaches the mature age of 15 to 20 years old, it is no longer trimmed for boughs. This practice prolongs the lifespan of the woodlands, ensuring they will continue to grow and thrive for decades to come.


Lynch Creek Farm wreaths and centerpieces are beautiful, living products that do not harm the natural resources of the gorgeous forests surrounding us. We take great pride in preserving the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Creating and crafting sustainable evergreens may not always be the most profitable production process, but we have always been willing to pay the price to ensure that these beautiful forests will continue to thrive and flourish. We have always fully embraced the ethical farming of responsible, sustainable evergreens and will continue to do so.


There has been a great call for sustainable practices in the cultivation and farming of evergreens because forested areas make up a sensitive, invaluable ecosystem. A myriad of majestic plants and animals call these woodlands home. As fantastic and robust as our Great Northwest may be, there is a delicate balance that must be maintained for forests to thrive. The regenerative properties of coniferous woodlands may be great, but we must take special care to guarantee this resilient capacity is never put in jeopardy.


We encourage local landowning foresters, through sustainable income opportunities, to grow their own organic trees for evergreen bough cultivation instead of clearing the precious land for one-time-use timber production. This practice will ensure our forests continue to grow at a steady, undisturbed rate while providing boughs for Lynch Creek Farm’s holiday wreaths and centerpieces each and every winter season.