Chocolate Truffles

Invoke the spirit of Christmas with this gift of delicious chocolate truffles made by Seattle's best boutique chocolatier. These make a great gift, but you will want to be sure to include a few for yourself! Choose between three classics: Dark Chocolate Truffles, Red & Green Truffles, and Candy Cane Truffles. Dark chocolate truffles are a blend of dark and milk chocolate in the center surrounded by a delicious rich dark chocolate coating. Red and Green Truffles are a combination of famous Rainier Cherry (dark chocolate, glazed pecan and dried cherry) and Meltaway Mint (blended milk and dark chocolate and peppermint oil). Candy Cane Truffles are made with dark chocolate infused with peppermint oil and little crunchy bits of candy cane. These are sure to please!

Gourmet bags: 5oz - about 15 pieces.

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