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Our Program

How it All Works

Take your fundraising efforts to the next level by combining traditional community fundraising efforts with the power of the Internet. We'll be there with you every step of the way to show you how.

We provide the marketing material and support required to make this a successful endeavor...

Choose Your Method

A. Use the Internet to Your Advantage

Businesses like ours do it, why can't you? Think about it. With e-mail and social media tools like Facebook at your disposal, you can run a successful fundraiser without leaving your home. Passing out a simple Group ID that will be used to credit your organization during checkout at will open up the doors for anyone to support you, even if they live in another state.

B. Continue Promoting Door-To-Door

If you've always gone out into your community and knocked on doors, set brochures out in break rooms or made announcements at your local church, continue to do so if you've had success at this in the past. We'll provide you with full color brochures, order sheets and an envelope to hold the money you collect. Orders will be either compiled and sent to us in the form of a spreadsheet or placed individually through the fundraising coordinator's administrative login through our web-based admin area.

C. Run a Supplemental Fundraiser

Since one of the goals of our holiday fundraising program is to make the experience as easy as possible for Fundraising Coordinators, each order will be shipped directly to the doorstep of your supporter. This means once the order is placed, your job is done. It also means, the cost per item will be higher than traditional fundraising products because we need to factor in the cost of shipping for every order. If you feel your community cannot afford the price of our products which range generally from $25 to $50, it won't hurt one bit to run our fundraiser along side another. There are no minimums and you could easily send out an e-mail or post a message on your Facebook Wall to generate additional revenue for your organization.

D. All of the Above

We wouldn't want to limit you to just one option!

Marketing Tools...