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Our Fresh Wreaths From the Forest to your Door!

From the Forest to your Door!

Decorated Christmas Wreaths

Our Fresh Wreaths

Lynch Creek Farm handcrafts beautiful, highly decorated Christmas wreaths. Our holiday Christmas wreaths are made with noble fir, juniper berries, incense cedar, variegated holly, salal and ponderosa pine cones. Other Christmas decorations are used depending on the design features of each holiday Christmas wreath.

We Pay Attention to the Details

Size of Christmas Wreath

Each decorated holiday wreath is handcrafted to a finished size of 26 inches. Each decorated Christmas wreath weighs at least six pounds. Most holiday wreaths on the market of similar size only reach a finished weight of four pounds. These additional greens create a three dimensional, long lasting and very attractive Christmas gift.

Hand-Tied Bows & Quality Ribbon

The bows on our holiday Christmas wreaths are all hand-tied. The holiday ribbon we use is of exceptional quality. Most of the holiday ribbon has wired edges that allow the bows to hold up not only in shipping but on your front door for the entire holiday season.

Routine Wreath Inspections

To ensure we have a superior holiday Christmas wreath we compare our products with our competitors over the course of each season. We weigh the holiday wreaths, look at their construction, measure them and test other holiday wreaths to see how long the wreaths hold up in normal conditions. What we continue to discover is that our holiday wreaths generally have more layers of evergreen boughs, thus often weighing two pounds more than our competitors' Christmas wreaths. Also, our bows are usually larger and not machine or jig made.

WSDA Certified Noble Fir

All of our noble fir boughs have been certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). The boughs are free from what is known as Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora ramorum) or SOD. The foliar host and fungus of SOD affects noble fir along with many other types of trees and shrubs all over the country. It is important and mandatory in some states to ship certified products that are free from SOD. More research is being conducted on SOD so we will keep our site updated with any new findings.