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What's My ROI?

What's My Return on Investment?

Red Centerpiece BoxGive a Wreath or Centerpiece

Imagine giving a Christmas gift that will be hung on a front door or placed on a main table in your client's home or place of work where family or co-workers can enjoy it for the entire holiday season.

Every time they see its beauty, smell its fragrance or get a compliment on it, they will think of you. How's that for a return on your investment?

Give the gift that lasts the entire holiday season!

We Do it the Right Way

Our attention to detail is unparalleled. Let us explain our bold statement...

Hand-Tied Bows

How many companies spend the entire summer hand-tying each and every one of their bows? Not only are they hand-tied, but we only use high quality material for the ribbon. What's the big deal about hand-tied bows you ask? Simply put, they look better because we are able to shape them into a full bodied bow with more loops.

We Don't Skimp on the Good Stuff

Anyone can make a wreath but can they make a Lynch Creek Farm wreath? We start out with a base overflowing with fresh noble fir and then we add some more. The weight of our wreaths average between 7 and 8 pounds. Our standard wreath size is 26 inches in diameter. We often incorporate additional natural greenery like salal, cedar and holly into our designs.

What's in the Red Box?

If a colorful red box showed up on your doorstep or at your place of work wouldn't you want to open it immediately? It's good business to impress your clients so if you choose Lynch Creek Farm that is exactly what we intend to do... Impress you so that you'll have no other choice but to come back again next year.

Here's the Deal...